six different ways to tie a scarf

six different ways to tie a scarf -- don't like the outfits with them but I never know how to wear scarves!

I love this!!

There are 24 tips to buy this swimwear: black bikini lace bikini black one piece swimsuit crochet one piece black summer lace knit black onepiece love this style black black crochet crochet top cool bohemian any color.


Burlesque, wish I have nails, well the same length at the same time

eclectic living room by Vintage Renewal

Love this area rug and the entire color scheme of the space. The rug really sets off the painting on the wall and the pink sofa makes the whole space pop! For more on the role of the ottoman in defining a seating space click through on image.


This completely adorable collection is from the sister of Valentino.Red Valentino (Red standing for Romantic Eccentric Dress).