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Martin Mors Andersson

Martin Mors Andersson
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Conservative group Turning Point USA attempted to rally its base by mocking "liberal snowflakes" while promoting spokesperson Tomi Lahren. It didn't take long for the poster to get the meme treatment.

Only fucking idiots thinks his cool! I don't and I am no fucking idiot! ##agoodexample? i dont think so - Steve Hufford - Google+

cuz liberals are nit-wits, I don't know who considers Che Guevara a symbol of freedom, he's the third devil in the Castro Cuba regime, Fidel was visited by the Pope and Raul was invited and received by our president, all mentioned are communists

5 things liberals never understand.

Except when the Corporateers get FREE Subsidies; So why did the Banksters get unlimited bailouts; No Nation became prosperous by giving everything to the Rich; We are responsible for the Rich's finance, they have our money;

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (18)

I have a thief with a bad mouth. A vagabond who'd do anything for a dime, including slavery. Another mathmatician plus politician who puts his left hand in everything and anything. A psychopath! And a highly diplomatic dwarf! As my daily companion!