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Muggleborns at Hogwarts.

Muggleborns at Hogwarts. How would muggleborns charge their phones? Does magic work on phones?<<<<< Muggleborns can't use technology at hogwarts because the magic ruins there signal and messes up their phone but still this is really cute!


I never realized that I love Tom Hiddleston until this moment and now I have a new top 10 celeb : awww that’s so cute, why the media doesn’t talk about him? I’ve always known him as the bad guy in Thor ☹️ Thanks for sharing this post

Muggle borns of Hogwarts<<I need this to happen

Muggle borns of Hogwarts<<I need this to happen<<<<i actualy started daydreaming about this on a bus and i started laughing and about 15 people turned around and stared at me.

All these ideas of what muggleborns get up to at Hogwarts are the best!!

Being a Muggleborn Wizard, I would so make a club. Hermione could be my vice-president. We could have Pokemon games and have fandom battles and have a secret stash of ballpoint pens in our trunks.