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Anna Maria Skovsby

Anna Maria Skovsby
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Found @ A White Witchs Book of Shadows on fb Well, you are describing a pentacle, not a pentagram. The pentagram does not have a circle surrounding it.

Wicca for Beginners: Elemental Powers and Finding Your Element

Herbal Wellness Pantry Many readers have asked us what a beginning Herbal Wellness Pantry for natural remedies looks like and the different herbs stored wi

Wicca. The Beginner's Guide To The Wheel Of The Year. It was unheard of for any one ethnic denomination of ancient pagans to celebrate all 8 festival seasons. Gerald Gardner, influenced by Margaret Murray, implemented all 8 into Wicca. Much of his "Witch-Cult" hypothesis was heavily influenced by Robert Graves' fictional work "The White Goddess" which many have falsely assumed as an historical work but was the author's poetic and personal "historical re-imagining" of ancient faith…

I love the ancient feast days of the pagan calendar. Celebrating the turn of the “great wheel of the year” through the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days, these “holy days” are…