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To the Wife Who's Ready to Run

This post is for the wife who is ready to bolt. The one who s fed up and sick of feeling alone. I agree, it’s unfair that you are disregarded. I feel so strongly about it because I was once there, but the strange thing is . I can barely recall it.

Feeding Olive: Sweet Potato Muffins

Sweet potatoes are packed with stuff that's good for you and your kiddies. They are also amazingly versatile. Here's a recipe for tasty sweet potato muffins! I did cup less flour and more oats.also added pureed greens vs cranb.

Baked Onion Meatballs with Rice recipe

Baked Onion Meatballs with Rice recipe - child friendly dinner idea! If you love meatballs, but hate washing the pot, make it in the oven! The onions add a special something too.(dairy free and kosher)