Master the Art of Napping -perfect thing to be thinking of my first day back at work!!

Master the Art of Napping

i heart naps.but now to figure a way to get up when my "power nap" alarm goes off, to prevent a nap {Great nap facts}

Stupid lawyers.

And lawyers go to school how many years for this?

Funny things people (and lawyers) say in the courtroom. If these were actually said by people.


Jessica Alba Quote Look confident Ward - you have this down!



Police Officers To Protect and To Serve Sign Framed Art Print Picture Wall Decor Kathy Middlebrook: Title: Police Officers Artist: Kathy Middlebrook Paper: Inches Image: Inches Size Framed: in

Female police officers are amazing. Law Enforcement Today

Female police officers are amazing. We are a special group. We have a crazy and brave side most do not.

Real Women Become Police Officers

Real Women Become Police Officers

Let the studying continue - - test soon ❤️

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Wait a minute, so a "leader" is mutually exclusive from being a "lady"? Also, "shoot like a boss?" With a few obvious exceptions, WHY is your boss shooting guns at work?

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year -- take a few minutes, I think we all need this right now.

To the police officers who made blind 13 year-old Gage's dreams of being a cop come true Faith In Humanity Restored – 50 Pics

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Limited Edition - Lady Cop

Discover Limited Edition Lady Cop Women's T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. - "My name is not Sweetie!" As all female law.

Female police officer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Can I just say how much of a bad ass she is? I adore her and I have never even met her!

Female police officer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Female police officer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Such a bad ass.