Sweet & Savory Baked Sweet Potato Chips: Cinnamon Honey, Sea Salt & Vinegar I’d like to take all the credit for this idea, but I can’t. This was all Jeremy’s doing. We love salt & vinegar chips, so he.

Funny pictures about A printer that uses pencil to print your documents. Oh, and cool pics about A printer that uses pencil to print your documents. Also, A printer that uses pencil to print your documents.

Maybe I need a new board called- "In my dreams" this would be pretty high on the list. Trapdoor in the Kitchen Floor: spiral staircase to the wine cellar. I would definitely drink more wine.

17 Kitchen Hacks That Change EVERYTHING

Snap a selfie from more than one arms length away! The Muku Shutter Remote let’s you take photos from up to 30 feet away, right in your regular camera app.

inspiration for tiny house built-ins (but this is oversized tiny home for four with 540 sq ft footprint). wondering why ladder rests on couch? built-in couches have storage below

DIY Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub- this stuff seriously smells like a candy cane and leaves your skin super smooth! For Christmas gifts -- smells like a candy cane

Open Kitchen Shelves w/ jars labeled using Crafts new Stewart glass paint diy home decor on a budget

Creative and Beautiful Wood and Mirror. This is an interesting use of wood which is twinned with a mirror. This is taking a different view to wood and allows it to merge differently within the interior.

Open Kitchen Cabinets with Aqua, White, Lime Green, and Silver Accents

Open Cabinets With White, Aqua, Lime Green, & Silver Accents, Plus Some Huge News! - Mom 4 Real: I really like the colors and especially the chalkboard menu over the sink

Secret Supper

I recently had the privilege of launching a long table gathering, Secret Supper series here in Portland on July alongside Eva Kosmas Flores and Suzanne Fuocco !

A giant wall of storage and books, hanging task lights, rolling work tables, natural light streaming in I would love this for an art studio.

There are many options to use exposed brick walls in the interior design to give a different style and look. Here are 19 stunning interior brick wall ideas.