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DIY Bottle Top Throw Toy For Rabbits - YouTube

DIY Bottle Top Throw Toy For Rabbits guinea pigs or mice

If I only saw this earlier!!!! I've only cut his nails twice though

How to Cut Guinea Pig Nails. I have two guinea pigs, and I was extremely worried about doing this.

I like this recipe but I want to cut the pellets and oats in half and substitute parsley, mint and thyme. :)

Healthy bunny treats one can also make them for Guineapig´s =)

Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle | serribrat's pet rat page

Used these toys with all our pets (mice, rats, guinea pigs, blind & deaf rabbit, chinchilla etc) and they all love them!

Baking time for bunny parents! You can replace the banana and/or pumpkin for your bunny's favorite veggie or fruit puree. If your bunny is watching his or her figure, omit the honey. Enjoy, little bunnies!

The Bunny Hut: Bunny Cookies! I'd substitute the honey out tbh.

DIY treat - freeze your guinea pig's or bunny's favorite fruit or veggie treat into ice cubes and give them as treats. This helps them cool down on summer days. Remember to always check with your vet before introducing human food to your pets.

DIY treat- put in the ice cube holder foods your pets likes to eat and is aloud to eat such as fruit and vegetables and then pour in cold water. Freeze in the freezer and then feed to your pet. Perfect for hot summer days to cool your pet off!


This is a fun and easy toy that will keep your rabbit/chinchilla/guinea pig occupied for hours! Grab an old toilet paper roll and poke holes all over it. Grab your pet's favorite flavored chew sticks and place them randomly around the roll.

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Another easy treat toy

Insisterer din kanin på at ville grave, så prøv med sådan en graveboks - minimal svineri. Du kan tilmed fylde den med jord. SØRG for at din kanin ikke kan blive lukket inde i kassen.  #kaniner #huskaniner #kaninhaandbogen

bunny digging box idea - without the mess