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margretha - argentum
Copenhagen / BA in Jewellery, Technology and Business
margretha - argentum
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Making a Classic Manhattan

Making a Classic Manhattan-- If the wedding is not going to be in Manhattan, we will just have to bring it with us! A specialty drink to incorporate NYC for the bride and groom.

The Boulevardier takes the same Negroni formula--a good dose of gin brushed up with equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth--and gives it a twist by substituting whiskey for the gin.

Boulevardier ****** Ingredients 1 ounce bourbon or rye whiskey 1 ounce Campari 1 ounce sweet vermouth Garnish: orange twist or cherry

16 Recipes That Make the Most of Juniper Berries

Gin and Tonic Cake: A Cocktail Turned Confection I have to look for Juniper berries so I can make this happen.