45 Ways to Avoid using "Very" #writing #editing #tips

45 Ways to Avoid using "Very" Mwahahaha! FORCED good writing just by using better descriptive words.

Show Me the Evidence strips: These have great evidence stems to help students cite specific evidence in their written responses/discussions.

The Creative Chalkboard: Showing Evidence Freebie--Great for close reading and text-based evidence. Maybe make into anchor chart instead?

Improve reading comprehension skills - Making this a routine to ask students "What are you thinking?" and, in the beginning, they must respond with one of these prompts

The Teaching Thief - Metacognition Stems - Teach student to use these sentence starters when responding in online discussions.

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt → Write a scene that takes place immediately after a tragedy. Don't mention the tragedy.

Printable Paper Doll Pattern - for use with Character Analysis. Thoughts- head;said- mouth;actions hands;decisions- feet; physical characteristics along trunk or appropriate spot.

Paper Doll Accessories

or body template. I will have Kindergarteners color in to make their own made up superheros art-lesson-ideas

Common Core Booster: Text-Based Answers (Sentence Writing Prompts) - MsJordanReads - TeachersPayTeachers.com

This checklist helps students to build better, more descriptive paragraphs. Having this posted on the wall, or on a laminated sheet in their books will help them to take a second look at their writing in order to improve upon it.