Marcus Colding-jørgensen

Marcus Colding-jørgensen

Er spejder, 7 klase, spiller congkas og høre skrillex
Marcus Colding-jørgensen
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a guild for gravediggers and pall bearers in Casavir, aided by the priesthoods of Morag and Daruroa. Their premises is the Sepulchre Funeral Home in the Guild District. Their doyen is the halfling male Benn Tall-Rake.

A Roman tent - made of hide eight men (a contubernium) slept inside it. IT was rolled up when not in use and carried on a mule.

The Contubernium: The word 'contubernium' means 'tent party' and indicates that these 8 men shared a tent when on campaign.

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Similar in weight to a modern soldier. They would be expected to march 24 Roman miles in less than 5 hours carrying these items missing minus the wooden "strong-box" which would've been carried on a mule.