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Marcela Alvarado

Marcela Alvarado
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How to spot a Tumblr user.  Side note: Can we call them Tumblrs?

Social Media Infographics - A compilation of the best social media infographics from internet marketing, business metrics, and futurist sources.

Proto Personas for Car Care App by Athena Petropoulos, via Behance

These are three proto personas for Car Care, a mobile/tablet app. The app allows users to easily and seamlessly manage their vehicles.CAR CARE APP DESCRIPTION:When was the last time you got a tune up?

Business Traveler's Mobile Dependence Infographic

If you travel a lot for your business, you probably rely on your mobile devices to stay connected and productive. How do you compare to the stats in the infographic below? Business Traveler’s Mobile Dependence Infographic created by PC Housing