Malene Mersholm

Malene Mersholm

Navn: Malene Rose mersholm Gift med: Jonas mersholm Børn: Rose Elena Mersholm født 13/6-12 og Sejr Mersholm født 22/1-15 Dyr: hunde, bomuldshund og chihuahu
Malene Mersholm
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I'm fine - Save me

I'm fine / Save me .Getting a tattoo is a big decision. It will stay with you for the rest of your life and will be one of your defining characteristics. People with tattoos often get judged harshly and unfairly for what appears on their skin

Shabby chic. #Romantik

Beautiful decor using purple, gold, aqua, and white. The exposed stone wall and velvet furniture create a nice juxtaposition between hard and soft elements in this room. The light purple velvet button tufted chair and the soft white sofa contrast nicely w

Antique vanity #Schminktisch

This is something like we would like in Faith's room as her dressing table. (w/o sink) just something simple that's been made antique, dainty, pretty w/ the pastel pink paint. Nothing too fancy but a little mirror w it would be so sweet.