Poster Immagine trovata su pinterest Stampa su carta è interessante perchè modellando la forma delle lettere l'autore è riuscito a rafforzare il significato delle parole

I love the use of depth and perspective in these pieces. // I love how unique this is. There is a lot of geometry and perspective work done throughout these words. I like that it is very in depth and complicated.

I really like this, You can see the double decker bus, but its hiding in the word London.

London London double-decker bus logo - poster by Quentin Newark for London Design Festival 2009 [combination of one person's caption with part of another's]


Combining the name with imagery this logo type creates an image using simple edited text. Creating an interesting yet unique logo type that one might see on perhaps some type of makeup brand.

I like this because they added meaning to the word by adding a kinetic effect to the type by having it seem as if the "o" was dropped.

Great use of expressive typography. The “o” in this case gives us the “aw” sound when saying the word “drop” rather than a long o sound like the word “stove”.

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The thickness of its lines and its restrained simplicity make for a very strong logo

The thickness of its lines and its restrained simplicity make for an eye pleasing simple logo. I really enjoy how the black and white contrast.

hide & seek #illustrative #typography

The word "hide" is split in two hiding the bottom half of the word showing its meaning and the word "seek" has eyes incorporated into the "e" to show the meaning seek, which is to find something.