Majse Svendsen

Majse Svendsen

Majse Svendsen
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Engaging top on top of white jeans and to beat it you can have 100 more fashion ideas for the coming season.

We couldn't keep all of the amazing staircase photos saved all to ourselves any longer! It seems like this element is often overlooked in a...

Another beautiful staircase. My dream home will have a turret of some type because I want to evoke a medieval castle or Tuscan villa feel. Ideally it will be used as a library/office, but a spiral staircase would be a striking feature as well.

Our @viamartine ladies looking super HOT in @oh.eight.oh.nine's theatre. Loved reading about this amazing Scandi inspired home in the latest @adoremagazine - it's a beauty!

Our theatre room Massive thank you to Lisa and Clem over at for just being so amazing. If you're after Nordic homewares you must, must, must visit their store! Tap for store details