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Design | Ello

My family had for unknown reasons this christmast a "creative present". So I decided to make a poster for my big sister and the I choose to make a small tribute to architect and designer Alvar Aalto.

Alignement. Mots alignés à la marge de droite et ensuite celle de gauche; le paragraphe est aussi aligné à la marge de droite.

Not entirely sure if there is a specific purpose to the layout of this design but I feel it works really well. I found my eyes drawn to it due to the large bold text and white spaces. Might be something to consider for my designs.

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an amazing series of work from the collaboration of designer Helen Yentus and illustrator Edel Rodriguez. I especially love the illustration for Hope and Impediments; the illustration so vividly says both things. beautifully done all the way around.

African Edition / Designed by Emma Thibault

African Edition

Resumption of the wax trend by creating African motifs On each packaging, each pattern representing

Type Posters by Melody Shar, via Behance

Garamond Type Poster by Melody Shar; The use of few colors creates a simple, clean, and modern look. The "B" acts as a divider between different sections and lets the viewer travel his/her eyes between the sections.

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Designspiration — Design Inspiration

This project is an exercise that fuses together Swiss minimalism and album art. The on-going project is titled Swiss Ritual, and it is a.

Presentation Design Ideas, Simple design layout

Presentation Design Ideas, Simple design layout