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Denne lille pakke indeholder opskrifter på Elefanthue, halsedisse og luffer med og uden tommel. Alle dele passer fint sammen med skønne snoninger (lavet uden hjælpepind). ELEGANTelefant Str. 0-3 mdr (3-6 mdr) 6-9mdr (12-18 mdr) 2-3 år (3-5 år) SNOEThalsedisse Str. 3-6 mdr (6-12 mdr) 12-18 mdr (18-24) mdr 2-3 år (4-5 år) 6-7 år (8-10 år) SNOEDEluffer uden tommel Str. 0-2 mdr (3-6 mdr) 6-12 mdr (12-18 mdr) SNOEDEluffer med tommel Str. 2-4 år (5-7 år) 8-10 år

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DIY Organizing Ideas for Kitchen - Pantry Organization For The New Year - Cheap and Easy Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized - Dollar Tree Crafts, Space Saving Ideas - Pantry, Spice Rack, Drawers and Shelving - Home Decor Projects for Men and Women

When it comes to pantry organization, it’s out with the old and in with the new with these tips from Apartment Therapy guaranteed to tidy up your space. Start by tossing out any snacks that are passed their prime. Then, keep all your favorite goodies in


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