Intersections - Sospensioni - ZAVA - Floor and table lamps, ceiling lights and appliques

the lighting from the bunk room in the cabin. Soft light, thick with shadows, filters through warm wood slats.

Celine Store @Emquartier by PP Group

Celine Store at EmQuartier By PP Group

Wooden planks add warmth to the otherwise monochrome interior of this bakery and coffee shop.

Au Pain Doré bakery by Naturehumaine features slatted wood ceiling

The bakery ‘Au Pain Doré’ , located on the ground floor of a 3 storey building on Côte-des-Neiges, decided to do some important renovations. The interior organization has been completely redesigned with.

| DETAILS | Photo Credit: interieurarchitect Frederic Kielemoes.  When looking at how materials meet within one plane, we sometimes need to consider alternate offset details when we can no longer achieve a flush look. Site conditions mean we can no longer do a flush drywall to concrete wall and will now have to celebrate this meeting of 2 materials with more of a detail that in intentional.  #stone meets #drywall. Lovely ceiling detail with slatted inserts

Lovely ceiling detail with slatted inserts. Could use for covered patio ceiling, with LED lights.

Baciocchi им гильдий Ла перла во Флоренции

Baciocchi Associati Gilds La Perla's new Florence Boutique

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