Ketogenic & Primal Food Pyramid

Ketogenic Food Pyramid: foods to eat and avoid on a keto diet. (also primal-friendly!) This should be everyone's food pyramid

Carbs: Fruits vs. Veggies

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My LCHF: LCHF: Vegetables

Lowest carb vegetables chart LCHF: Vegetables "a table I made for you with most common vegetables and carbs per 100 g. Green: veggies with less than g carbs - you can eat in larger portions. Yellow: between g and 5 g carbs - OK, but eat in moderat

INFOGRAPHIC: Low Carb, high fat meal plan #keto #LCHF #LowCarb

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Low Carb Kids 3. 2 weeks of LCHF, low carb, wheat free, sugar free lunch boxes. 3rd in a series about low carb kids. |

Low Carb Kids - 2 Weeks Of Lunch Boxes so YOU can start today!!

Low-carb ideas for kids: LCHF, low carb, wheat free, sugar free, real food. 2 weeks of lunch boxes to see and inspire. in a series of Low Carb Kids posts.

Grilled Asian Chicken - soy sauce - sesame oil - honey - fresh ginger root - 2 garlic cloves - chicken

Grilled Asian Chicken Image by Home Recipes Catalog Recipe by All Recipes cup soy sauce 4 tsp sesame oil 2 Tbsp honey 3 slices ginger root (fresh) 2 cloves crushed garlic 4 skinless boneless chicken breasts (halves) DIRECTIONS

Mandeldrøm - luftig bund med mandler - med rabarberskum og jordbæ. Lav denne dejlig, friske sommerkage som kage til kaffen eller en frisk dessert.

Mandeldrøm med rabarberskum og jordbær (Recipe in Danish)

Broccolisalat med feta og græskarkerner

Broccolisalat med feta og græskarkerner (Recipe in Danish) Broccolisalat with feta and pumpkin seeds

Daim konfekt opskrift fra Bageglad

Marcipan konfekt med daim opskrift

Daim konfekt opskrift fra Bageglad

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