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Preparing a steam pit - survival cooking method.

34 Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know Preparing a steam pit - survival cooking method. The Cooking Methods Cheat Sheet Clear.


Survival food- a topic any true prepper has thought about extensively. What to have, how much, how often to replace it, where to keep it, how to store it. The questions go on and on. It can be a daunting task keeping your survival food supply full of e

Don't Laugh... Ok, You Can Laugh A Little | Survival Life

Don’t Laugh… Ok, You Can Laugh A Little. The Tactical Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoors Necessity (T.N. All jokes aside, a tampon has a ton of uses to a survivalist. Why you should include a couple in your survival kit.

133 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader

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Catching fish for survival: This site has lots of cool ways to catch stuff-snares, traps and this really interesting way to snag fish. Im sure well try them this summer.and be thankful for our turkey sandwiches!

How to Build a Dakota Fire Hole ~ While a fireless camp is the least likely to be observed there may be times when a fire is absolutely necessary…water purification by boiling (when you have no other methods available)  or to avoid hypothermia are two possibilities that come to mind.  Such situations call for a Dakota Fire Pit also known as the Dakota Fire Hole ~ the next most clandestine camp to a fireless camp.

How to make a datoka fire hole. One of the most efficient and useful ways to make a campfire for cooking. Burns super hot, saves wood, and not as smoky.

DIY Straw Fire Starters - Just Trails

Vaseline and cotton fire starters. Put in straws. Cut straw in easy Cary size. When ready to use cut straw open, spread cotton out and light. DIY Straw Fire Starters - Just Trails