Great concept of something/someone coming out from behind a mask. Could be applied to many things. Also shows transformation

The exceptionally talented ROSHAR


Grown-up Princess Bubblegum with cotton-candy hair and pink top to match. If I ever cut my hair short, it will look like this. Not pink tho

Photography: Kelsey Hannah

dust mood emotion light sunlight sunbeam window hand through see blood pose brunette women female girl photography

I've been on the Congo River (in one of these boats!) Did you know that the Congo River could generate power for ALL of Africa (and more)?

The Congo River The equatorial sun sets over the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Edie Campbell, Kate Moss, Jean Campbell, Matilda, Harry, Jake Love by Tim Walker for Love Magazine Fall Winter 2014-2015

Wizard: Kate Moss, Edie Campbell, Matilda Lowther, Jean Campbell, Jake Love And Harry By Tim Walker For Love # 12