or just every artist...

This is every single person in the whole wide worlds DREAM! Those who love drawing/coloring/doodling/etc. of "any kind" that is! I want! I want! I want!

A Palette Full of Blessings: Art Supplies and study. I love these boxes , they work so well for my pencils and pens!

Does your love for coloring leave you with books, pages and pens everywhere? Organise your art supplies with thecoloringbook.club guide to coloring storage!

watercolor art supplies

I love water colours so much and they will be incredibly handy for my next years art classes

(Original as re-pinned) Pastels

Pastels - wowowowowow I need this many micron pens, derwent pastel pencils, intense pencils, etc.

The Neopiko Line 3 Drawing Pens contain pigment ink that is waterproof, lightfast, and marker-proof when dry!

Featuring highly durable felt tips and available in a range of sizes, Deleter Neopiko Line 3 pens are perfect for artists, illustrators, and graphic designers alike.