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Ludmilla Guimarães

Ludmilla Guimarães
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Dramione: Playing Around by Mariyand-R

Dramione: Playing Around by Mariyand-R <<<omg but this is exactly what my boyfriend does!

Draco and Hermione WAAAAAAHHHHH! So cute! Ginny, you're so smart girl. Harry is so lucky to have you

Haha Ginny found out about Draco's crush on Hermione XD. Inagine how mad Draco was when he found out she was in love with Ron. Now Hermione and Ron having a perfectly happy life, with kids and jobs, and friends. How did Draco move on?

Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger

I haven't been here for so long! As usual, I can't get away from work! Even now I actually still can't draw Dramione much but when I log in this morning and I see all the wonderful comments I just .

For Dramione fans by My Secret Dramione tumblr

a secret admirer by SenselessJabberwocky The details on this one kind of make my day. Draco swinging his legs in a giddy fashion. Hermione reading “Outstanding Magical Theory For Complete Nerds”. Hermione’s teeth! Ahhh, all the things are adorable!

Me: Draco. And. Hermione. Cutest. Ship. Of HP. Besides tonks and lupin... And lily and james... And lily and snape... And harry and ginny... And luna and neville... And... *goes on and on* *concludes with* But they're still the cutest!

age comparison age progression blonde hair blush book book hug brown hair cloak comic crossed arms draco malfoy hand on hip hands on hips harry potter height difference hermione granger holding holding book maiko (setllon) necktie one eye closed