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PH 2/1 table lamp

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PH5 pendant Louis Poulsen

BUY - Louis Poulsen – pendant - design Poul Henningsen - Classic and pendant Contemporary (matt colors)

scandinavian collectors: POUL HENNINGSEN, Desk lamp, circa 1928. Painted copper, patinated tubular brass, patinated brass. Manufactured by Louis Poulsen, Denmark. / Phillips

Poul HENNINGSEN Desk lamp, ca. 53 cm H. Manufactured by Louis Poulsen, Denmark. Light fixture impressed with PATENTED.

Doo-Wop ホワイト | ルイスポールセン | インテリア照明の通販 照明のライティングファクトリー

Louis Poulsen - DooWop Pendant Lamp: The Pendant Lamp Doo Wop by Søværnets Bygningsdistrikt and Louis Pouslen in our Online Shop

SA2 3

Louis Poulsen is an international lighting manufacturer and part of Polaris Private Equity. Louis Poulsen serves the professional and private lighting markets, and produces and develops lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

PH5 Plus / Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen Plus by Poul Henningsen

PH5 コンテンポラリー ホワイト | ルイスポールセン | インテリア照明の通販 照明のライティングファクトリー

Designed by Poul Henningsen in the PH 5 is a versatile design classic that fits to all kind of interiors. The PH 5 Contemporary collection includes four PH 5 pendants that are available in new, updated colour combinations.