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Tips for Baby's Closet*****Standard closets are notorious for their inefficient use of space — that’s even more painfully obvious when planning for a baby’s closet.  Widely spaced shelves and closet rods leave a lot of wasted space when storing newborn clothing, baby gear and accessories. Follow these smart tips to get your closet ready for baby. This will come in handy one day! cool pin!

Love this idea for the girls closet. One Day - Perhaps in nuetral - or fun Aqua color-Pretty in Pink - Kids Storage and Organization Ideas That Grow on HGTV

Enchilada Sauce Recipe ~ Says: People are so excited when they try it and rave about how easy and delicious it is. I love making homemade versions of staple foods because you know all the ingredients that are going in, and you're able to leave out extra additives and preservatives.

People rave about how quick, easy, and delicious it is to make homemade enchilada sauce. The chipotle variation is my favorite!was looking for a red enchilada sauce.

How to make an In-Drawer Spice Organizer - #organization #spicedrawer #kitchen #DIY #HomeTips

Fake-It Frugal: In-Drawer Spice Organizer diy :: xLaurieClarkex~ just uses right-angle pieces of cardboard! I totally did this with contact paper and pieces of cereal boxes : ) it works BEAUTIFULLY!