Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

(Skip the oil and cook in a nonstick skillet) Oatmeal Pancakes - These light and fluffy oatmeal pancakes will leave you full of energy, ready to take on the day! Made with spelt flour, stevia, and ric(Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes)

Rødbede pandekager

Rødbedepandekager med varmrøget laks

Beetroot pancakes with hot smoked salmon // Gluten free

LCHF ostevafler med spinat, laks og avokado

Cheese waffles with spinach, salmon and avocado. A delicious low carb/LCHF…

Proteinvafler med rabarbersyltetøj --> madbanditten.dk

Looking for a waffle recipe without gluten or grains? Try these protein rich waffles that are also low carb.

Vanløse blues.....: Vafler til enhver lejlighed

Vanløse blues.....: Vafler til enhver lejlighed