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Hoy simplemente os dejo un ejemplo de como dibujar unas bocas realistas. La boca es una parte importante del dibujo, ya que da personalida...

I found this post and thought it would be a great place to try and start drawing lips realistically to get the gist of it for anyone trying to develop into an artist. Let me know down below if this helps!

Learn how to draw realistic lips! Follow along with this drawing instruction at proko.com/11

Learn how to draw lips! This lesson breaks down the planes of the lips and how to shade them to get a realistic drawing. Part 10 of the portrait drawing course.


Breakfast At Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. - Another gorgeous example of black and white film. With the fairytale idea that I am toying with at the moment I think black and white could work really well.