Finger friends. I loooooooove this!

Buddy Up With Your Finger Friends

These Finger Friends Puppets are craft fun for kids and the end result is hours of finger puppet play when the craft project is complete. This craft is si

Blog: The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll - Doodlers Anonymous

Totem pole lesson--upgrade for Halloween season with monster theme?faces of toilet paper rolls - collaborative installation

Toiletpaper crafts

21 Ideas to Make Fathers Day Special DIY Kids Crafts Toddlers

12 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids {Recycle those Toilet Paper Tubes!}next time sadie asks me why i dont buy her toys imma tell her cause she has toilet paper rolls with her name and time written on them!

Puppet bird. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Hjemmelavet marionetdukke fugl (Badut)

5 DiY to Try this Weekend: Playing with Birds Fall has arrived and some birds migrate to warmer climes. Others remain with us. Here are 5 DIY toys about birds: some.

Line Frøslev: Krager i sammenkrøllet avispapir og malertape (papmaché go home!!)

Line Frøslev: Krager i sammenkrøllet avispapir og malertape (papmaché go home!

menu cards

Used to make these all the time as a kid. Doesn't have to be a menu either, couldbe sone sort of decoration somehow. I could definitely make these haha. {It's in the Details} Cootie Catcher Menus - Oh Lovely Day

cute chicken craft.

I like the black spotted one and the orange and red spotted one. Make out of gourds.

Modellervoks opskrift

Modellervoks opskrift

40 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts #kids - some of these are AWESOME!

15 Little Clever ideas to improve your kitchen 10

40 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts that are just awesome! Check out the fat Santa ornaments or gift wrapping decorations!