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I don't get why everyone thinks that all we Canadians do it play hockey and make friends. We make buttertarts and maple syrup on sticks too, hello.<<<I have a friend in Canada who visits every so often, so I can prove that is true

of December, still pretty hot, us Canadians are sweating like crazy cause of it

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23 places to visit before dying-there's a couple I could pass on. But some are breathtakingly beautiful.

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Hans Island

Hans Island, an uninhabited half-square-mile barren and desolate island Far in the Arctic North, is a bizarre sliver of territory for two countries to figh

NYC’s central cark from above by Hercio Dias

Silvio Berlusconi has the best view of Europe<<I wonder if all of these are accurate as to how they view it, becaue that's exactly how the US sees europe

Ah yes, Canada and Denmark's epic battle for Hans Island. Hans Island is the smallest of three islands not far from Greenland's coast, and Canada and Denmark have been fighting over it for years.

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