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Happy Earth Month, PBteen! While we believe every day is a good day to protect and preserve our environment, we wanted to take extra special care to chat about mother nature this month for Earth Month. We chatted with Ocean Conservancy to find out what the top items are that pollute our beaches. Not only that…they told us the weirdest ones, too…

So many plastic items in this list. The best way to change this is by avoiding single-use disposable plastic items. Look for completely biodegradable alternatives or simple resuable items. Help stop for EarthDay

Food Web website- type in any type of animal and it tells you its natural predators. Discovered this because a shaman asked me a question, "what do you think of a porcupine without a heart being eaten by a coyote?" If you have an answer I'd love to hear it.

The History of Ecology is very recent and still very much in development. Make a timeline with your kids of the major advances in this biology field.

Sea Turtles

Know your sea turtles with this brand new illustrated poster on World Turtle Day May). There are 7 extant species- the Loggerh.

Crochet Joint Flower Stitch, technique, Free Pattern, shawl, wrap, #haken, gratis patroon (Engels), steek, bloemensteek, shawl, stola, #haakpatroon

Crochet Flower Stitch Free Patterns: crochet inline tulip stitch, open work flower stitch, rosebud stitch, and more inline flower pattern

Driftwood Fishes

Tropical Beach Driftwood Fence Canvas Art Print Seaside Wall Décor - Driftwood 4 Us

Crochet Puff Wheat Stitch Free Patterns [Video]

great sewing project for a beginner, especially if you want to make something really cute for a child. If you don't have a pilllowcase with writing on it, use a fabric marker and design your own pattern!

This is a foodweb that I made in college. You can see who eats who by starting with the sun and following the outward lines through...

JULIANHECTOR missing quite a few species but actually well laid out and quite informative