Ladybug fruit platter

Ladybug fruit tray - this would be great for recruitment events, alumnae reunions, Parents' Day, etc. ANYTIME to show off that Ladybug Love!

Fun snack and super healthy!!!!!

Squirmy, Wormy Apple Snack with peanut butter & gummy worm.another BOY snack

Strawberry Lady Birds

Strawberry Ladybirds, kids party food, bug party - healthier than coated in chocolate too!

Ladybug snacks

Lady bugs: half a cherry tomato and olive on top of a cracker that has been lightly covered with cream cheese. Add some flower to a dark vinegarette and put lady bug spots on tomato

Snail Sandwiches

Snail Sandwich Snack

Cute snail sandwich roll up with a pickle body. Fun for classroom snacks or lunch.