Age Use fingers to show how many or age of self. Give reason of placement of objects. Rote count to ten.

If you would like to do something different in your garden and you are searching the perfect project - maybe building a fire pit is the thing you are looking for. A fire pit brings warmth to your garden, makes a beautiful accessory and a great DIY pr

I don't know if I would do the gas fire pit thing but I love the big rocks around the edge. 19 Impressive Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For More Attractive Backyard

Blog post with word work ideas like this one... Secret Sight Words! Kids figure out the beginning sound of each picture to spell a hidden sight word!

every sight word included! Kids look at the picture and figure out the beginning sound and put that letter (write it with dry erase marker, alphabet magnets, letters written on bottle caps, whatever!

"Dagens ord"-søjle... Med ord og mål samt en liste over hvem der er "dagens mand" i klassen....

"Dagens ord"-søjle. Med ord og mål samt en liste over hvem der er "dagens…

(2015-02) Lydalfabetets nye plakat


Kontaktlærer på 4.trinn, IKT, digitale læremidler, Master i lesing og skriving, UiO, Lakkegata...

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