13 Creative ways to build a Christmas tree in small apartments. You can celebrate the holidays in style without taking up one more room in your place. I did #1 on the list last year and I am so happy I did. Saved money and it made a great conversation starter.

13 Creative ways to build a Christmas tree in small apartments

If you’re looking for fresh and latest Christmas tree decorating ideas, you’re at the right place. Below you'll find our Christmas tree decorating ideas.

Klassiske klejner

Grandmas Klejner (klenät - fattigmann - kleynur - kleinur) I have my own recipe but this is a nice video to show how to cut and twist:)

The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974)

Top 10 Christmas Villains

"The Year Without A Santa Claus" 1974 - Featuring the "brothers" Snow Miser & Heat Miser! This was my favorite Christmas program. Had to wait ALL YEAR to watch it once!


Christmas Book Tree…thought this was a great idea for all of us "Book Lovers"! Via Debbie Lester. Kerry says, maybe I'll do that next year!

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