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Fall Out Boy - Patrick Stump is a national treasure.

"I don't think you can compare them. One is a talented singer, one is a talented guitarist, one is a talented drummer and one is a talented bassist. Who is more talented in WHAT, is the question :)" <Thank You.

My worst fear is to embarrass myself in front of my favorite YouTubers lol

lmao i would have flipped him off

Memes, , and Legend: kayla 3C @legend hohil I FOUND DAN IN 13 REASONS WHY IM LAUGHING SO HARD @danisnotonfire 13 Reasons Why S1 E12 Tape 6, Side B" 54 10 IM DONE - - - - phan dan phil danhowell phillester phanhowlter whiskers houseplant dilhowlter existentialcrisis amazingphil danisnotonfire amazingphilanddanisnotonfire phandom hearteyeshowell dinof

actually, 13 reasons why was filmed in an actual high school so basically they took out everything they thought weren't good for the show and stuff like that so they saw dan an just "oh this is fine, this seems like a normal thing"

I don't ship them I just think that they would look cute together and if they are friends I love their friendship.

I think they're fab friends, and I wouldn't wanna speculate too much but it could always be something like a queer-platonic relationship tbh but I dunno I'm no expert and I don't know them so