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Septiplier by IvaTheHuman

I love this comic not because I ship septicplier (I don't) but because if I ever got to talk to Senpai again I would want this to happen>>SEPTIPLIER AWAY

(Original poster)I'm a straight christian girl and you know what, God made you that way for a reason so keep smiling beautiful!. (Me) there need to be more people like this,also please support the LGBTQ community.

Im a pansexual girl, unknown religion, and this is an amazing shirt>>> im a straight girl, even though im Catholic, i love this shirt. Just love>>>> straight girl who thinks love should win<<Straight Christian girl I love this!

No one would ever put up with this from a partner, a friend, even a grandparent. Why is it suddenly okay from a parent? Say 'no' to toxic parenting.


(Spoilers, it's definitely the hanger) look at those curves>>> looking mighty fine, hanger.>>> what a sexy hanger

What people say about the Forbidden Forest to Mikey. These are legends made up as people know something potentially deadly is out there but don't know it's the Shunned.

Her red cloak swirled around her, the anguished cry of a male catching her attention. Everyone knows this forest is dark so what compelled this man to break the unspoken vow of entering? <What compelled her to break the unspoken vow of entering?