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Adorable balloon piece and idea for a great birthday cake shot! balloon decorated cake: use small water balloon sized balloons. blow them up & tie knot around wooden coffee stirrers or skewers. So cute!

This looks fun, could also be done easily in icing. Good for a chocolate cake at a rainbow themed party.

TOP 10 Kids Birthday Cakes Decoration Tutorials

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This week's lovely thing is this oh so sweet baby elephant cake made by Hello Naomi. This baby elephant cake is idea for baby showers & birthday parties

H j e m m e K o s: Dåp 11.11.12

Bruk bilder til å lage bordkort og heng dem på glassene med en klype

konfirmasjon gutt - Google-søk

konfirmasjon gutt - Google-søk

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Make your own Eames Elephant, out of cardstock, or, scaled up, thermoformed plastic similar stiff sheet of material

#LEVIFESTEN | fjellby

#LEVIFESTEN | fjellby