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Video reveals seven life hacks you can do with lemons

In a Daily Mail Online original video, the team uses lemons to do everything from brighten your skin to freshen up the trash can

How to do a DIY hair detox with home made salt shampoo to exfoliate hair.

Can SALT transform your hair? Unlikely beauty trick promises thicker locks and better volume

Can you change the shape of your face by changing what you eat?

oysters and spinach for your cheeks, tangerines for your skin and broccoli for your neck? Yes, detox, water and face exercise can help, but so can food.

Drop a dress size eating double cream!

Natalie Brown, 34 from Hove, Sussex, did the Natural Ketosis plan to get in shape after the birth of her son. She ate high-fat foods and still lost three inches from around her waist.

Tomato juice can ease menopause

Tomato juice may help ward off breast cancer: Glass a day helps increase amount of hormone that can stave off the disease

Flawed science triggers U-turn on cholesterol fears

The US Department of Agriculture panel has indicated it will bow to new research undermining the role dietary cholesterol plays in people's heart health

How to store food properly so it doesn't go off

Storing food properly will help cut down wastage and also help you save the pennies. But it’s not just about keeping food for longer; storing perishables properly ensures you don’t get sick.

Magnesium found in vegetable helps ease leg cramps, study finds

Do YOU get leg cramps at night? Magnesium found in vegetable helps sufferers drift off to sleep