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Owl Tree

The Owl Tree Stourhead: the tree with the owl This dead tree has become a canvas for artist Paul Boswell, who created an image of an owl around two holes in the outer bark, templates for the two eyes

Owl made out of fruits and vegetables.

What a creative idea! This owl is all green fruit and vegetables. Some folks get so creative with these kind of things it's amazing. Making animals from food. This was beautifully put together. and

Daily grocery list

"Dont mind me - just shopping for some rabbit food. For eating with my bunny teeth." I thought this picture/quote was too cute - all credit to the website 'Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth'

Everybody on board?

Funny pictures about A mother swan carrying her babies. Oh, and cool pics about A mother swan carrying her babies. Also, A mother swan carrying her babies photos.

Half Albino Peacock

Funny pictures about Beautiful Half-Albino Peacock. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Half-Albino Peacock. Also, Beautiful Half-Albino Peacock photos.