Eye makeup which is like a piece of art x

Black Velvet on the brow / Dark Humor as the liner activated with water / Dragoness lashes IDA EKMAN

mod model twiggy in mod make-up. 60s Party at the Walker #inspiration

Top 10 Make-up Looks Inspired by The 60's


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Eye Makeup - Look Detrivore Benthos and Asylum Femme Fatale Camp Jellyjam Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Blackfyre MAC Deep Damson Hello Waffle Fusion Sugarpill Goldiluz mixed with Inglot Duraline - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup

Maquillaje Isamaya Ffrench  Fotografía Mehdi Lacoste  Peinado Joel Benjamin  Asistente de Maquillaje Josh Wilks

Make-up Isamaya Ffrench Photography Mehdi Lacoste Hair Joel Benjamin Make-up assistance Josh Wilks

DAY 🐌 this eyeshadow shade might be my new faaaaave RAW SIENNA 💛 and a lil bit of Primavera, ash brown brow powder, schwing eyeliner, xrated mascara, And some random scrawny lash chunkies

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Abstract Futuristic Beauty - The Vision China June 2014 Editorial

Abstract Futuristic Beauty

with ・・・ Itsy bitsy neon spider Neo-orange & Magenta madness pigments with Mixing medium lash and a dash of dazzleglass.