So You Have A Beautiful New Puppy - All You Have To Do Now Is Train Them - Yikes! Here are some free puppy training tips courtesy of Canine Companions

German Short haired Pointer - Puppies are soo adorable with their little sad faces


This is going to be our next puppy.but a sheepadoodle. It is a hypoallergenic dog! Perfect for E. A Old English Sheepdog & a Poodle mixed! Perfect for my baby girl not to sneeze.

Born 35 years too late. Loves everything about rock n' roll, the and retro things. Well I like make-up and shoes too.

Relaxed golden retriever <3. Nothing like a belly rub!

Puppies that don’t pass the guide dog test are sometimes turned into therapy pets - companion animals for people who are experiencing difficulties due to age, illness or disability. 17 Adorable Guide Dogs In Training That Will Put A Smile On Your Face