Lasse Hjorth Madsen

Lasse Hjorth Madsen

Lasse Hjorth Madsen
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A visual history of women's tennis —

A visual history of women's tennis

Information Design, Envelope, Place Settings


Forfatter til De savnede og Eremitten

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Fully-Functional Bicycle Made with a 3D Printer.

They made a Fully-Functional Bicycle with a Printer. Now make it electric & transformable into an inflatable home & under the weight limitations of a checkable piece of luggage & then we are getting somewhere.

French designers hack a 3D printer to make a tattooing machine.

French designers hack a printer to make a tattooing machine Tatoue printing tattoo machine by Appropriate Audiences

Moebius Gear by Aaron Hoover

Real Möbius Gear Will Melt Your Mind: This Möbius gear is absolutely mind-bending, and almost impossible to describe. It’s a toothed gear that only has one side, made by Berkeley robotics student Aaron Hoover using various printing methods. He was puz

It's not just for hobbyists.

This is an easy-to-build Dragon that "flies" when you turn the crank. I'm really starting to get into making automata, so I hope you folks enjoy them as well. Shown here in MakerBot's Dark Sanguine Red ABS. Created by Jason

Gary Marcus - The New Yorker

PET Scans of a Thinking Brain. Color-coded results of a brain scan made while the patient was thinking, from a positron emission tomography scanner.