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Lasse Nielsen

Lasse Nielsen
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Hubble Captures View of 'Mystic Mountain' the Carina Nebula. The top of a three-light-year tall pillar of cool hydrogen is being worn away by the radiation of nearby stars, while stars within the pillar unleash jets of gas that stream from the peaks.


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The large Whirlpool Galaxy (left) is known for its sharply defined spiral arms. Their prominence could be the result of the Whirlpool’s gravitational tug-of-war with its smaller companion galaxy.

NASA's NuSTAR Catches Black Holes in Galaxy Web

Blazing Black Holes Spotted in Spiral Beauty This new view of spiral galaxy IC also known as Caldwell includes data from NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR. IC 342 lies 7 million light-years away in the Camelopardalis constellation.