How to Propagate Basil ... for pennies! #basil

How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

A Recipe for Basil Lovers: How to Propagate Basil . For Pennies! - Can you ever have enough basil? I love to have a big bunch in a jar on the kitchen counter in lieu of flowers!

pebble table mat. Transparent paper, hot glue, and pebbles create a heat protective placemat

Pebble Craft Ideas

stone tiles from home improvement store, add felt to the bottom for inexpensive placemats or hot pads. I like this idea for hot pads, but not so much for placemats.


Love this self watering plant idea. Taking an old bottle and make it into a little self watering plant or even just take the bottom and make a glass!

Cool up-cycling af wiinblad-platter

Bjørn Wiinblad-SET of 12 month plaque/plate-Whole year-Nymølle Denmark-Cheap shipment!

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