button bracelets

Vintage Button Bracelet Blush Pink

ive Balls Did you like this article? Share it with your friends! diy November 19, 2013 DIY Projects decorative ball di...

different colours wool felt neutrals DIY Felt Decorative Balls DIY Projects

DIY bows... can put on headbands or attach clips for your hair

Bow Dazzling Volunteers, add a lined alligator clip for a pretty hair or headband accessory. diy-s-for-all-things-in-the-world

DIY concrete clock

DIY concrete clock This is so very cool, and the directions, are good. What a challenge to try this project one day?

Owl Ornament, same technique could be applied to fondant

Clay Owl- Make the cutest Ornament - If you are tired of the kids bringing home lovely, but questionable art projects, then it is time you did something about it. Break out your art supplies because your family is making a barn owl out of clay!

Wonder how many people I could sell this to if I framed it? Cute or kids room, isn't it?

the object is flat paper to sketch the outline. draw a straight line, the to draw upward arc encountered previously sketched the outline of objects. change the color pen, repeat the previous step online, repeat Step Then painting appeared!

Child’s Boot Pencil Holder Papier-Mâché

Child’s Boot Pencil Holder Papier-Mâché cute to do with a little cowboy boot and paint it