Throws made to be used while looking beautiful. All carefully selected by Leaning Toward Design. #design #light #interior
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Stripes & Dots, Simon Key Bertman, 2013

The four quarters of this throw is unique indeed, it consists of white dots, black dots, checkerboard and stripes. Fold it after your mood. A timeless piece to wrap yourself around in. This throw is made of handwoven in cotton wh

Lentils, Simon Key Bertman, 2015

Textile artist Simon Key Bertman has inspiration flowing through his veins: he creates fabrics that are more than simply decorative accents. The dynamic sequences of colour the designer uses in his Food Collection are based on the nutritional values of ou

Chess baby, Simon Key Bertman, 2013

8 x 8 clean swatches forming a chessboard of 64 combinations of color mixtures. To this baby throw I've used the best quality organic cotton that is

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