Bring your daughter to work, everyday…

Bring your daughter to work, everyday…

Licia Ronzulli often brings her daughter to the European Parliament as a symbolic gesture to reclaim more rights for women in reconciling work and family life. Bring your daughter to work, everyday…

father with black beard and baby at the beach thick full black beards dad dads baby babies parent parents family carrier love

rolling along through life together...#aging

rolling along through life together. LOVE THIS! This will be me in a few decades! Doing something unexpected for my age!

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad bods, Fathers, Baby Daddys, and Father Figures everywhere. Whose your Daddy? Give him a call or a hug or a card, or post a picture of him.


Black Culture, eternallybeautifullyblack: awesome pose with awesome expressions like the mom& hand on dad& back

the kiss #kids #vintage

Funny pictures about Kisses for all. Oh, and cool pics about Kisses for all. Also, Kisses for all.


I love it when a guy rests in my lap; Happy vday to the lovers in love!

✨ mother earth and father sky ✨

Twin Flame Energy and The Alchemical Marriage ~True Twin Flames vibrate at exactly the same electromagnetic frequency because they are identical counterparts of one another ~ the same soul frequency ~