Caribou cows and bulls both grow distinctive antlers and bull antlers can reach 4 feet in width! A Caribou calf can run within 90 minutes of its birth. It must do this to keep up with the migrating herds.

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) standing on slope Photo by Johnny Johnson on Getty Images Lapland Reindeer, Norway

reindeer in the snow

Reindeer Stag in Winter Snow (Rangifer Tarandus) from Domesticated Herd, Scotland, UK Valokuvavedos tekijänä Niall Benvie AllPosters.

resting before a biiiig job.... :-)

Most likely somewhere in Norway mountains. Reindeer laying in Snow Or It is the North Pole and Maybe it is Rudolph Relaxing before the Big Trip


Antlers are distinct deer features. Antlers have evolved into different shapes and sizes. Antlers primarily serve a sexual function to display to females, and

Baby reindeer

Think you know what this cutie is? A baby reindeer! Itll be a while before hes pulling Santas sleigh.