I like this idea of having files for kids' papers right by their backpacks.

Need to add file bin(s) to our backpack station. Keep the table and counters clear of homework papers and avoid losing important assignments. I like the lower hanging hooks for backpacks. Could add these to our mudroom.

Lego storage

A Lego Storage Solution That Makes Sense

That's My Letter: "L" is for Lego Table, diy lego play table

Build: giant lego table A giant lego play table space designed for storage and seating area:

Seating Chart in Post-its on itsabrideslife.com/Wedding Seating Chart

Use color coordinated sticky notes to figure out seating plans. If there's a seating plan. I think people might be more comfortable with a seating plan.

jewelry storage option

Ideas to Organize my smaller space

simple jewelry hanger: A thin wooden dowel mounted inside a closet or cabinet door using cup hooks is the foundation of a simply chic jewelry hanger. Coat the dowel with semigloss paint. Suspend S hooks from the rod

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