This is a fantastic crochet piece that would be great as a quilt! Halv Seks tæppet i junior/voksenstørrelse - Lutter Idyl

Halv Seks tæppet i junior/voksenstørrelse (Lutter Idyl)

Crochet Night Light Rug. So cool, but my rope lights say not to cover them or step on them :(

Crochet LED Light Rug Fabulous Free Pattern

Crochet Night Light Rug: *note*- pattern in Swedish, scroll to bottom for English

Translate to English-Gratis opskrift på en hæklet mini lalylala kanin. Kaninen bliver ca. 17 cm høj. Opskriften kan også bruges til at hækle unger til de andre lalylala-dukker.

An English translation of the free pattern for a small amigurumi rabbit made as a tribute and child to the bigger Rita the Rabbit doll by Lalylala