Wooden Spoons.

The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons - an easy woodburning (pyrography) project

brass sink

Vintage and retro are very fashionable nowadays. Many designers create things in these styles. Restart created old-style brass sinks. They made these sinks

open kitchen shelves by the style files

open kitchen shelves by the style files: Could use this idea in a space where there are no cupboards.

Charcoal Stoneware Side plates

Charcoal Stoneware Side plates - Small Plates, 5 inches wide - stone ware handmade ceramic plates - individual or set - Ready to ship

Minimalist pan

Yet another item to add to my ever-growing list of Japanese products I'm craving. Seriously, is this not the most beautiful cast iron skillet you've ever seen in your life? There is beauty in the ordinary, people. Skillet from Neutral Store.

long stemmed cocktail spoon by board and bread

Long stemmed stir spoon by Board & Bread. Lots of black walnut trees locally, could forage for branches